Image Alt Tags, Titles and SEO

Did you know you can optimize your images so that your pages get picked up in google. This is especially important for product pages on e-commerce websites. The key is to name the title of the product image, the same keywords that you want to be ranked for, as well as adding keywords to the image alt tags and image description. Google will pick these images up for the keywords you chose, which will help rank your product pages. To learn more about optimizing images and optimizes products pages for e-commerce websites, please feel free to contact us.

Century Health Nutrition Gets Face lift

We have updated the look of CHN (Century Health Nutrition) with a fresh new style and new color combo. We have also restructured the website to help maintain a strong internet presence. A big part of any e-commerce website is the structure and behind the scenes development, in order to communicate to google and other search engines what we want to rank for. Contact us to learn more about website structure, seo and checkout the new CHN design.

Marketing and SEO

Always the most important part of any business is bringing in the customers.  We recognize that the world moves fast and we need to keep up every step of the way. We pay attention to the changing trends in website structure and google algorithms to ensure our clients maximize their potential – contact us to learn what the latest and most important news is on the ‘new’ marketing and seo for e-commerce websites is.

Current Project

Deelish Internation Inc is currently working on an e-commerce project for  CenturyHealth-Nutrition is a leader in online health nutrition.  The e-commerce platform is optimized for performance and the products are of the highest quality. Here is a screen capture of the website and link above to view. The platform was built with expertise and precision and offers excellent functionality and search engine visibility.

To learn more about our current projects and past projects contact Deelish International Inc

Deelish International Delivers

Deelish International Inc. is setup by a team of experienced industry professionals with a focus on delivering premium and bespoke IT consultancy services to a wide range of individuals and businesses looking to standout within the Ecommerce market. We help you achieve your business goals by the development of outstanding  ecommerce platforms and provision of consulting services that gives your business the desired leverage and in turn provides a unique customer experience for your users.

We ensure that every decision you make on your business is the right one and also made at the right time. Our focus is to help you confront a range of challenges that will occur during your ecommerce journey by providing dynamic solutions specific to your business needs

At Deelish International, we provide solutions that fits into your financial and functional requirements. Our websites are built with the best and latest technology and they can run on any desktop browser or mobile device. Our sites are designed to be responsive and seamless as we are passionate about helping our clients grow online.

We help you sell more and better because the ability to convert starts from the visual appeal and responsiveness of your ecommerce website.  Also, we provide professional advice on services challenging the ecommerce market, training for you and your staff on how the seller’s dashboard can be used would be arranged.

Don’t just take our word for it, give us a try and let us beat your expectations.

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